Election Diary 5: Who keeps stealing my campaign signs?

Tuesday: Aargh! Another two of my lawn signs are missing. A Halloween prank? Later in the day, I realize three magnets have been stolen from the back of my car: a Clinton campaign magnet, but also a “26.2” marathon magnet and a non-partisan Maryland crab. Highly annoying.

Have you seen my car magnet?
Have you seen my car magnet?

Wednesday: SEPTA transit workers are on strike, and large sections of the public transport system in and around Philadelphia are at a standstill. Instead of taking the train and risking getting stranded, Eric and I decide to drive into Center City for an evening event. The traffic is awful. It takes us half an hour just to cover a few blocks.

Thursday: The SEPTA strike is taking a toll on city residents, many of whom now have to walk or cycle to work. Some employers have organized shuttle buses, but they, too, get stuck in the extra-heavy traffic. If it continues, the strike could have a significant effect on voter turnout in Philadelphia. In fact, because turnout in Philly is decisive for Pennsylvania, the SEPTA strike could actually determine the outcome of the presidential election and the balance in the US Senate. Scary!

Meanwhile, Melania Trump is speaking in nearby Berwyn, taking a firm stand against cyberbullying – the very behavior upon which her husband’s political career has been built. #youmustbejoking

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