Election Diary 7: Election Eve

Bill Clinton gave me this button!
Bill Clinton gave me this button!

Monday: Good news on all fronts:

  • The FBI has closed the case on the additional emails that caused a stir last week.
  • The SEPTA strike is over! The public transport system should be back to normal in time for Election Day.
  • The weather forecast looks great for Tuesday. (Yep, that makes a difference!)
  • As I write, crowds are gathering in front of Independence Hall for an election-eve rally with Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Bruce Springsteen!!!

Meanwhile, I’m here in a split-level suburban home, surrounded by forms and clipboards, checking canvassers in and out, listening to their war stories and entering their results into a spreadsheet. There’s a local Democratic organizer named Bill Clinton, and he’s hanging around the place today. (I can tell he enjoys introducing himself to people.)

I thought we were pretty far off the beaten path, but dozens of volunteers have found their way to us today, including 4 hipsters on a day trip from Brooklyn and a couple of young women from Washington.

One of our local volunteers, an older man, told us he recognized one of the names on his list from long ago. “I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but this guy’s sister was the first girl I ever kissed, when I was 13 years old!” The brother was hostile, at first, when our man knocked on the door. The canvasser said, “Didn’t you used to live in Upper Darby?”, and they were off down Memory Lane…

The women from Washington had spent the weekend knocking on doors in Northeast Philly – their team of five knocked on 1,000 doors! One of them even persuaded a single-issue, anti-abortion voter to vote for Clinton with the argument that Hillary is the candidate who will reduce abortions – by extending access to contraception, sex education and health care! Woo hoo! The hipsters found the suburban landscape somewhat challenging, but they finished their shift and are on their way to the rally in Philly.


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